Keeping Pittsburgh's Railroads Safe

Thursday, Sept 11th

Hamburg Hall 100 12:00-1:20PM

Pizza lunch will be provided!

Hae Young Noh presents vehicle-based structural health monitoring, where bridges and railways are diagnosed using instrumented vehicles. Pittsburgh Light Rail Train was instrumented through the collaboration with the Port Authority of Allegheny County and their railways have been monitored since the summer 2013. Using such monitoring systems, we can ensure that the structures are safe, functional and prevent catastrophic failures. This approach significantly reduces sensor installation and maintenance costs of traditional structural health monitoring systems. In addition, one vehicle can monitor multiple structures as it drives by.


Hae Young Noh is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the second M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. She studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University as an undergraduate.

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