Advanced Infrastructure Systems (AIS) Laboratory

Poster Presentations of Prior Research:
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Poster Title Project Team
Adaptive Mobile Computing for Infrastructure Field Tasks Amin Hammad, Jim Garrett, Hassan Karimi
4D CAD Simulation of Construction Projects - Modeling of the Installation of PSC's Terrascale Computer Burcu Akinci, J. Ray Scott, Bryan Webb, Laura McGinnis
Embedded Sensing (ASDMCon Project) Burcu Akinci, Jim Garrett, Mark Patton, Chris Gordon
ASDMCon Project - Active Defect Detection at Construction Sites Using Laser Scanners, Embedded Sensor Systems and Integrated Project Models Burcu Akinci, Jim Garrett, Mark Patton, Martial Hebert, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Scott Thayer
Automated Defect Detection on Construction Projects (ASDMCon Project) Burcu Akinci, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Frank Boukamp, Kuhn Park
Exploiting Motor Vehicle Information and Communications Technology for Transportation Engineering Chris Hendrickson, Burcu Akinci, Jim Garrett, Itir Karaesmen, Scott Matthews, Mark Patton,, Eswaran Subrahmanian
Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of Residential Buildings Chris Hendrickson, Luis Ochoa, Scott Matthews, Fran McMichael, Robert Ries
EC RISES Online Database - Regional Industrial Sites Evaluation System (RISES) for Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Debbie Lange
Decentralized Traffic Control Using Distributed Agents Eswaran Subrahmanian
Developments in Chlorine Detection in Concrete Using NMR Gary Fedder, Jim Garrett, Irving Lowe, Irving Oppenheim, Paul Sides, Jason Hsu, Andrew Haebum Yun, Kevin Fredrick
MEMS Approach to Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Irving Oppenheim
MEMS Transducer for Acoustic Emission Testing Irving Oppenheim
Disinfecting Secondary Water Distribution Systems Jeanne Van Briesen, Frank Sidari, Janet Stout
Costs Effective Surface Inspections For Guided Vehicle Roadways Jim Garrett, Burcu Akinci, Chris Paredis, Scott Thayer, DeWitt Latimer IV, Sameer Gujar
An Interaction Contstraints Model for m/w-CAE-System in Industrial Applications Jim Garrett, Christian Buergy
Progress Manager - Tracking of Construction Operations with Mobile Computers Jim Garrett, Jan Reinhardt
Automated Procedures for Assessing and Cleaning Civil Infrastructure Data Jim Garrett, Rebecca Buchheit, Christos Faloutsos, Sue McNeil
Design and Fabrication of a FDNMR Sensor in CMOS MEMS K.M. Frederick, J.H. Garrett, I.J. Lowe, I.J.Oppenheim, P. Sides, H.A. Yun, G.K. Fedder
Embedded Gages for Precast Concrete Elements Mark Patton
Planning for Laser Scanning and Automated Object Recognition from the 3D Scanned Environment (ASDMCon Project) Martial Hebert, Scott Thayer, Bob Wang, DeWitt Latimer, Nicolas Van Dapal

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