About RAMP


  • Targets providing economic benefits to PA’s small and medium-sized manufacturing companies by enabling knowledge transfer, the discovery of new manufacturing technologies, and the retention of highly educated students from Pennsylvania’s premier technical universities.

  • PA’s extensive manufacturing industry and world-class technical research universities would collaborate to provide leadership in sustaining PA’s manufacturing employment and promoting growth.

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania

  • PA is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s most manufacturing-friendly states, and as such, manufacturing has developed into an essential part of the Commonwealth’s economy.

  • Recent statistics indicate that manufacturing contributes $64 billion annually to the Commonwealth’s gross product.

  • Additionally, Governor Corbett has identified five core areas in his economic and jobs plan that will serve as the thrust to move Pennsylvania forward. Two of these core areas are:

    1. expanding PA’s economy through innovation and

    2. developing a world-class workforce. He believes PA has the opportunity to better leverage its higher education institutions with its broad base of research and development disciplines to help PA capitalize on technology advances, including those associated with manufacturing.