March/April 2002
Volume Two - Issue Two


The Philip and Marsha Dowd Engineering Seed Fund was established in 2001 through a generous gift to the College of Engineering (CIT) from the Dowds. The fellowship grant program, administered through ICES, awards a grant to a CIT graduate student in the second or third year of his/her graduate studies. The objective of the fund is to provide support for graduate students working on cutting edge research projects for which traditional sources of funding may not be readily available. Students receiving support will be referred to as Dowd-ICES fellows and will be required to present a seminar to the Carnegie Mellon community on the results of the work.

Proposals must describe the research project that the student is/will be working on and include a one page Curriculum Vitae of the student. Proposals will be reviewed for the innovative nature of the research, its relationship to CIT/ICES strategic focus and the
potential of this seed project to enable government and/or industry support in future years. A research project may receive a maximum of two years of grant support, but normally, funding will be limited to one year, covering the student's stipend and tuition.

Proposals are limited to 2 pages and should adhere to the following format:

  1. Project Title
  2. Research Team (PI, Co-PI, Graduate School) - Names and affiliation
  3. Project Description - Describe problem addressed and why this research is both important and novel
  4. Approach and Methodology
  5. Relationship to CIT/ICES Strategic Focus
  6. Future Funding - Describe how this seed project will enable future funding; identify potential funding sources

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