January/February 2002
Volume Two - Issue One


ICES is undertaking a strategic planning initiative to better serve our members and Carnegie Mellon University.

Hard work and dedication by our members have enabled significant growth and diversification. But factors including a slowing economy, changing university priorities, and changing priorities for federal, state and industrial research funding makes the development of a new strategic plan a necessity.

Informal meetings were held in September, November and December to determine how comprehensive the strategic planning effort should be, to collect background data, to identify benchmarks and discuss the most effective ways to involve laboratory directors, and research faculty in the process. A preliminary situational analysis was conducted. Then, a set of questions was provided to laboratory directors in late November/early December to identify critical issues or concerns for a preliminary strengths, weaknesses (SW)/opportunities, challenges (OC) analysis. The situational analysis and SW/OC analysis indicate that ICES is in a good strategic position (i.e., more strengths and opportunities than weaknesses and challenges) to respond to stresses from our internal and external environments.

Formal planning meetings will be held in late January to determine the direction that ICES should take over the next 3 to 5 years. While a single meeting is the preferred means of reaching everyone, scheduling conflicts made the selection of a single date very difficult. ICES faculty members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. Focus groups will be developed to work on inputting goals, metrics and plan implementation. Additional meetings may be held in February as the plan develops.

The strategic planning initiative is a process and its success depends on member involvement. Laboratory directors and research faculty have a significant role to play in the future success and vitality of ICES. Please get involved!

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