January/February 2002
Volume Two - Issue One


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Helen Granger
Helen Granger, a user-interface designer and researcher for the n-dim group has resigned from her position at ICES to become a freelance artist. After spending five years at Carnegie Mellon focusing mainly on graphic arts production and design, Granger has decided to leave the university to pursue new interests and concentrate solely on art and illustration. She is looking forward to exploring new areas of creativity and expression. Helen can be contacted via email at hgranger@hgranger.com. To view her portfolio, visit her website at www.hgranger.com.

Farewell and good luck, Helen!

Winners Announced for 2001 Steven J. Fenves Awards

ICES to Administer Dowd Engineering Fund

PITA Fiscal Year 2002 Awards

Update: ICES Strategic Plan

New Card Reader System in Hamburg Hall

Genesis Baby Drive

Rhonda Moyer receives Burritt Education Award

Raj Sinha receives PhD

Art Westerberg elected Distinguished Professor of Engineering

Helen Granger Becomes Freelancer


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Annual ICES Holiday Party

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PITA Symposium 2002


Nanoscale Heat-Transfer Project

Biomedical Engineering at ICES

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