January/February 2002
Volume Two - Issue One


Beginning on Monday February 4, Hamburg Hall will have a new card reader access. This is an effort to improve security in the building during off-hours. Access to the building during the restricted hours listed below will require a current Carnegie Mellon student, faculty or staff I.D. card.

Restricted Access Hours
Monday through Friday - 10pm to 6am
Saturday - before 6am and after 6am
Sunday - all day

Card entry to the building during restricted hours will be allowed ONLY through the DOUBLE DOORS in the rear of the building. The revolving front door and all other doors will be locked during these hours.

If your Carnegie Mellon ID card has a magnetic stripe on the back and is currently valid, it should work in this system. If you do not have an ID card, go to the HUB located basement of Warner Hall to obtain one. During the week of January 28 the system will be activated without locking the doors so that you may test your ID card. You may also test your card on the active system in Newell-Simon Hall.

1. Card doesn't work? Go to the HUB to get a new card.
2. Having difficulty gaining access? Call Security at 8-6232 for access to the building.
3. Holding a special event requiring non-authorized individuals to gain access during restricted hours? Contact Security at 8-6232.
4. Having more systematic problems? Contact your department administrator.

1. After swiping the card, pull the door open or activate the handicapped system within 5 second. The lock activates again immediately upon opening so "jiggling" the doors will re-lock them.
2. Do not give strangers access to the building if you see someone trying to get inside the door. Even though it seems to be the polite thing to do, it reduces the effectiveness of this security system.
3. DO NOT PROP THE DOORS OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. An alarm will sound if the door stays open for more than 30 seconds and security will come to investigate.

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