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Information technologies (IT) together with the development of formalized model-based approaches for analysis offer great potential to deal with the complexity of construction projects and facility management processes. Our research builds on the previous work done on integrated product and proves models and extends it so as to model an information-rich history of a project and a facility to support decision-making during construction planning and execution, and facility management. While working on creating such a project history model, we leverage and fuse the data that can be collected using advanced tracking (such as RFID), emerging sensing and data capture technologies (such as 3D imaging technologies).

Our research to date can be categorized into the following:

  1. Formalisms for achieving reliable construction schedules and estimates

  2. Utilization and assessment of the capabilities of a variety of advanced tracking and sensing technologies in supporting construciton and facilities management tasks

  3. Approaches for fusing data from multiple sensors in creating information-rich as-is building information models

  4. Approached for development of and inteaction with information-rich "living" as-is building information models to support a variety of construction and facility management tasks

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