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In nowadays Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, more and more data are available since advanced technologies offer great ability to collect and store data easily. However, the use of these data or the knowledge that can be retrieved from these data are still an undiscovered area. The generic situation that people are always drowning in data but starving for information further justifies the importance to convert AEC data into re-useful lessons learned.

To explore and accumulate related research efforts on the domain knowledge discovery and reuse problem, we established the Data Management and Analysis Team for Advanced Infrastructure Systems in 1998 and we have continuously worked with other research teams for the recognized contribution.

Our team focuses research interests on three types of subjects:

  • Data Mining on traditional database systems
  • Text Mining
  • Image Reasoning

Methodologies or algorithms from the machine learning, pattern recognition and information retrieval domain are intensively employed in our research. They are considered to play a very important role in assisting our researchers dealing with large amount of data. Combining these tools and our expertise in the AEC domain, we have delivered some interesting results.