PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Infrastructure Safety and Security Technology

Seismic Testing Of Piping Utilizing The Victaulic Grooved Piping System - Phase 2

The Victaulic grooved pipe coupling system is used to join pipes through the use of specially designed clamped couplings. The Victaulic system is used in piping systems of all types throughout the world, including areas of high seismicity. Limited testing has been performed in the past to demonstrate the seismic performance of piping joined using the Victaulic couplings. This project was initiated to address this shortfall of test data. Full demonstration real-time shake tests of a number of representative large-diameter (up to 16 inches) full-scale piping systems joined with Victaulic couplings were performed. The pipelines were filled with water pressurized to 200 psi. The results of the test will quantitatively demonstrate the response of piping joined with Victaulic couplings to seismic excitation. The performance of the ISAT Seismic Bracing system is also evaluated.