PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Biomedical and Health Engineering

Pre-surgical planning and patient-specific CFD optimization of valve sparing aortic root reconstruction surgeries

Principal Investigators: Kerem Pekkan, Levent Burak Kara, James Antaki

The aortic root complex (valve leaflets, sinuses of valsalva, outflow track) is an individual hemodynamic system maintaining the competence of the aortic valve. Abnormalities of the aortic root can be repaired through complex reconstructive valve-sparing surgeries. To optimize the hemodynamic performance and improve the long-term outcome of these surgeries, we propose to develop a patient-specific image based framework involving computational hemodynamic analysis and efficient pre-surgical optimization/planning. The overarching specific aim is to provide clinicians an interactive anatomical design tool where reconstructive aortic surgeries can be performed in the computer and the performance of the intended procedure is assessed prior to the in vivo execution. The proposed methodology is an emerging paradigm in surgical planning which will provide answers to various “What if?” type scenarios through an efficient technological pipeline and foster surgical innovation. PITA funds will provide the seed-grant-in-aid towards a collaborative NIH grant involving CMU/UPMC faculty focusing on the broader “patient-specific cardiovascular surgical planning” research cluster.