PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Courses and Outreach Programs

Advancing The Lehigh University S.T.A.R Academies™ -University/Industries/School Partnership Initiative In Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business And Theatre And Humanities. Expanding Access To And Placing More Students In College

The Lehigh University S.T.A.R Academies™ are comprehensive university-school-industry academic initiatives designed to prepare diverse students for college who come from academically and economically disadvantaged and/or at-risk backgrounds. The Academies work with 140-160 elementary, middle and high schools students from over 30 schools from the Greater Lehigh Valley. The S.T.A.R (Students Who Are Ready) Academies instill in these students the determination to succeed, and reinforce the vital skills they need to excel in school, graduate with respectable grades to pursue college or university education any where in the country. These students come from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and without strategic intervention, they might fail to enter the college-preparation pipline or drop out of school altogether.

S.T.A.R Academies are organized and operated by Lehigh University staff, faculty, and student volunteers. The program components are as follows: Regular S.T.A.R Academy for students in grades 6th-12th; Jr. S.T.A.R Academy for students in grades 4th and 5th; Three week Summer Math, Science, and Technology Camp for rising 6th thru 8th grade; One week High School Transitional Summer program for rising 9th grader; and Corporate and University Summer Internship and Research Program for 10th-11th grades.

Our 2008 request to PITA is for a grant at the level of $48,950 to enhance and advance the S.T.A.R Academies, providing needed funding for participation costs, books and supplies, partial compensation for summer staff, innovative hands-on experiential learning in the STEM fields, business and theatre. The budget is also designed to provide support in other related aspects of the Academies such as equipment - computers to advance learning through technology, college and industry field trips and enhance communications with its partners.