PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Infrastructure Safety And Security Technology

Software Infrastructure and Tools for Sensor Andrew

Principal Investigators: Raj Rajkumar, José Moura

Sensor Andrew is a campus-wide sensor network being deployed across Carnegie Mellon University with partial support from the PITA program. This network, when completed, will allow (a) employees of physical facilities to monitor (and later even control) various physical attributes such as temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, lighting, sound and images across campus (b) students to access their social networks in the physical world (on or around campus) securely and privately. The network is a coordinated effort across different CMU colleges (CIT and SCS) with faculty from multiple departments involved (ICES, ECE and CSD).

This proposed effort is to continue the development of (a) Sensor Andrew protocols for a mix of wireless sensor network nodes including the FireFly sensor nodes developed by the PI’s research group, (b) administrative and visualization tools that will allow remote monitoring of sensor clusters, and (c) continued deployment of Sensor Andrew across campus.