PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects

Innovative Infrastructure System Assessment Technology

Sensor Andrew Social Network
Sensor Andrew is a sensor network platform that will enable the dense instrumentation of the whole CMU campus. Sensor Andrew will support a wide range of applications. This proposal describes the Sensor Andrew Social Network, a social network application whose purpose is to engage a wide community of users, possibly drawn from several if not all population segments at CMU, in particular, the undergraduate community.

We picture an application where users can interact among themselves as they roam across the CMU campus. Users are part of groups, circles of friends, forming a social network. Users join different circles according to their interests. They may have their circle of roommates, be part of a circle that shares the same floor in a dormitory or are members of a fraternity. Circles evolve dynamically over time, like study groups in a particular course in a semester, or like teams of an intramural sport. Circles may form just for the purpose of a game, or a weekend party. Our goal is to extend to the physical space of a University campus the degree of social interaction that Face Book or MySpace have provided in cyber space. Such network applications have attracted the interest of broad communities, who have found uses not initially envisioned or planned.