PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Information and Systems Technology

Social Networks And Virtual Reality As Environments For Business Development And Globalization

To develop a white paper that clarifies the enhanced value propositions offered by using social networks and virtual reality as environments for business development and globalization. To provide an understanding of the current and potential benefits, as well as the constraints imposed by cultural, technological, and business trends that must be dealt with in order to achieve sustainable strategic benefits.

The paper will include mini case examples of what leading companies are now doing. In addition an integrated view of future business applications will be extrapolated from emerging trends, interviews with business leaders, technology experts, and related sources. The white paper will have two sections.

  • The first section will use the integrated future view to develop a variety of alternative business based scenarios for value generation and the constraints which must be overcome. This section is directed at the reader who seeks a conceptual understanding and will focus on clarifying value propositions, constraints and innovation challenges

  • The second section will focus on explaining the technological and cultural implications of what is emerging and in place today. This section is aimed at the technology, human resources, and operational business readers. It will cover the driving forces behind the technology and cultural changes taking place, and provide perspectives on what is being done and what needs to be done to enable the scenarios described in section one. This section will also include a literature review, interview summaries, and other source materials used in compiling the white paper.

The white paper will be developed in a network environment with an inner core of industry representatives, facilitated by professors, and supported by students. A network of advisors will participate through interviews, site visits, publications, or interactions in social networks and second life. Finally an outer core will contribute by providing feedback periodically.