PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects

Infrastructure Safety And Security Technology

Surveillance with Sensor Andrew
Campus safety is ever-increasingly important. The peace-of-mind of the whole campus community is directly tied with our productivity. Surveillance of public spaces is an effective way to: a) monitor and respond to any incidents, and b) to provide evidences should any incidents occur. Surveillance also provides convenience, for example, monitoring cars in parking lots allow us to direct incoming cars to the closest spaces. Traditionally surveillance systems are often limited by the cost of deployment: installing new systems takes time and effort, and maintaining old systems is usually very costly. This will change with sensor network technologies. With sensor networks, future surveillance systems will be easily set up, maintained, and re-configured as needed.

We have been developing ICTrack (“I see track…”), a library of pattern analysis and computer vision algorithms, for surveillance applications. These algorithms are modularized like LEGO pieces. With the graphical user interfaces (GUI) we developed, the system designer can connect these modules/pieces to create any surveillance system. Without any specific expertise, the system designer can easily experiment with different algorithms and see the results immediately (e.g., the result of tracking cars using different settings), and be able to re-design the system to its perfection. Combining the ease of developing surveillance algorithms using ICTrack, with the ease of establishing new sensors on campus via sensor Andrew, we can quickly deployment surveillance systems to where they are needed the most on campus, for example, critical facilities, expensive equipment, park lots, walkways to dormitories, etc. We are also developing technologies to protect privacy. With image processing, we can hide the identity (the license plates of cars, the faces of humans, etc, which can be re-established later for forensics by authority only) while maintaining the capability of tracking cars/people.