PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects

Infrastructure Safety And Security Technology

SensorAndrew Face Camera Network Prototype
Secure access to critical infrastructure (e.g., airport loading areas, high-security buildings, etc.) is currently mostly achieved through passwords, swipe cards, RFID tags, etc. The limitation of such systems is that passwords can be forgotten and pass cards can be lost or stolen. Using biometrics (defined as physiological or behavioral characteristics unique to individuals) for access control can alleviate these deficiencies and improve security. There is increasing interest and opportunities to develop distributed, integrated biometric-based secure access control systems. This project is aimed at developing a SensorAndrew Face Camera Network Prototype towards the goal of an integrated face verification system to control access to various buildings. When fully developed, this camera network is envisioned to employ wireless network cameras at various building entrances on campus to capture face images and to provide a distributed, integrated face verification system, enabled by Wireless Andrew communication network. At a future stage, this system may evolve to provide other services (e.g., cafeteria payments, locating individuals, etc.).

Main deliverable will be a prototype of a face camera network that students, faculty and staff can eventually use along with their CMU ID card for secure access to campus buildings. This prototype system will be tested in a variety of ways to quantify its accuracy and find its limitations. Results from such experiments will be analyzed and shared in order to improve the system. Also, proposals to government agencies will be prepared to capitalize on this prototype (that takes advantage of our Wireless Andrew).