PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Innovative Infrastructure System
   Assessment Technology

A demonstration of Sensor Andrew as a Framework to Support Data Fusion and Integration from multiple Sensor Platforms

Principal Investigators: Lucio Soibelman, H. Scott Matthews, Burcu Akinci

Over the past year PITA has enabled the creation and steady progress of the Sensor Andrew project. This projects’ first contribution to the community, even before achieving its final goal, is providing a real-life test-bed for research. Seven separate application projects have already started developing the underlying sensors and other infrastructure parts that will later work together and become Sensor Andrew.

We propose to go beyond these isolated projects and, by using two of the separately developed applications, investigate a scenario where the collaboration of them will enable better performance on a task, than that which could have been achieved by each project individually.

The two projects we are referring to are:

  • Monitoring of building performance metrics (electric loads, temperature, relative humidity and light intensity).
  • RFID-based guidance approach for locating building components.

These projects have one thing in common: they are both sensing temperature. The RFID tags, although not for their current application, acquire temperature values. We would like to further investigate the opportunities which arise from having this common element between both projects. These data collection activities are done within the same building (Porter Hall), but they are being collected separately and redundantly.

Our goal is to investigate the possible benefits of fusing both data sources, experiment with different configuration of sensors, and create a framework for the necessary data exchange between the sensors, which can later be replicated in other similar situations.