PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Infrastructure Safety And Security Technology

Sensor Andrew Sensor Network Integration

Principal Investigators: Jim Garrett, José M. F. Moura, Matthew A. Sanfilippo

The flagship and a founding project of CenSCIR, with ICES and PITA support, is Sensor Andrew, a sensor network platform that will enable the dense instrumentation of the whole CMU campus. In the early eighties, the “Andrew” project transformed CMU into the most wired campus and in the mid nineties when “Wireless Andrew”, with INI and then NSF support, made CMU the largest wireless campus, Sensor Andrew aims at transforming CMU into the most sensed campus.

Sensor Andrew is designed to be implemented as a public sensor network that can supports the broadest set of applications. Infrastructure monitoring, campus surveillance, water distributed systems, social networks, biometric sensors for campus security are some of the applications under progress. Sensor Andrew will support all these applications that, beyond their own intrinsic relevancy, will direct Sensor Andrew’s developers in defining Sensor Andrew’s set of requirements, design Sensor Andrew’s hardware and software architectures, and guide the choice of platforms and sensors.

This proposal requests the necessary funding to support a full-time graduate student (Mario Berges) who will be entirely devoted to researching and coordinating the integration of heterogeneous sensor platforms and applications within the overall development of Sensor Andrew. Mario will help launching Sensor Andrew by participating in all phases of Sensor Andrew, including its design, implementation, and application deployment. In addition to his integration research, Mario will support the PIs of this proposal as well as the PIs of the many Sensor Andrew related projects in a number of ways. These include assisting with: abstracting Sensor Andrew’s set of requirements from the initial set of applications; defining the sensor network architecture; choosing the hardware and software platforms supporting the sensor network; production of experimental sensor platforms; acquiring and deploying these platforms; developing the initial set of applications.