Industry Response

The positive response to the technology development program has been strong.

"PITA provides the ability for us to leverage expertise in the development of new products and processes. The Corrugated Steel Bridge Girder program is in process, linking High Steel Structures, Lehigh University, Modjeski and Masters, PennDOT, and the Federal Highway Administration. We could never undertake this scope of development as an individual company."
Pat Loftus, President
High Steel Structures, Inc.

"Air Products is an industrial gas and chemicals company. We've been involved with PITA right from its inception. The way that Air Products benefits by having the students involved with our staff is that the students apply the fundamental knowledge they learn in school with the problems that we face in our plants. We also benefit by blending their fresh points of view with our practical experience to come up with novel yet workable solutions. The thing that Air Products and Lehigh and Carnegie Mellon University share is really an integrity and a passion for excellence."
Ken Anselmo, Engineering Associate, Scientific Computing
Air Products and Chemical, Inc.

"The PITA effort at Lehigh has been a significant benefit to the bridge market of Bethlehem Lukens Plate. This major market is helped in all the key areas of the market stream. Some examples are in the development high performance steels (HPS-70W and 100W and their welding requirements), bridge design (education of new designers and working with current design firms, Modjeski and Masters), working with our fabricator customers (High Steel Structures and the corrugated web girders), and working with bridge owners (PennDOT's use of optimized welds on the Ford City HPS bridge). These kinds of contributions will continue to be extremely valuable in the coming years."
Alex Wilson, Customer Technical Service Manager
Bethlehem Lukens Plate Division, Bethlehem Steel Corporation

"Bombardier worked closely with CMU and Lehigh University to develop the scope of several guideway design projects as part of an engineering design project course. The students were given no parameters and were encouraged to use their creativity, imagination and familiarity with state-of-the-art technology to generate entirely new and innovative concepts.

Students from CMU and Lehigh University took advantage of the course work and an internship program, spending the summer working with the engineers in our Pittsburgh facilities. Combining course work with a summer internship gave students an understanding of the business world and the practical application of their degree in today's industry. We have offered full-time employment to two of the individuals in the program and both have accepted our offer. We are soon planning to make an offer to a third student and I anticipate more students joining our company each year as a result of PITA."
Raymond T. Betler, President and CEO
Bombardier Transportation Systems (formerly Adtranz), North America

"PITA provides a transition from the academic-world to the business-world. Both our chief technology officer and our head of product development are CMU alumni who made the transition to Body Media with the help of PITA funding. We currently have 38 employees and we expect to add to our workforce in the near future. PITA is tremendously important in helping Pennsylvania companies find and retain the very best and most talented workers."
Astro Teller, CEO
Body Media