PITA FY2014 Projects

Novel Functional Polymers For Use in Aqueous Electrolyte Energy Storage Devices

PI:Jay Whitacre, MSE

University:Carnegie Mellon University

Co-PI(s):Newell Washburn, Chemistry
Shawn Litster, MechE

Industry Affiliate(s):Aquion Energy

Summary:This project is focused on exploring the use of novel polymer based electrode binder systems that will enhance the electrochemical and electrical performance of thick format powder based electrodes for energy storage devices. Specifically, there is a need for more effective and low cost ways to interconnect functional materials that are used for large format energy storage devices. The current state-of-the-art battery electrode binder materials consist of high-cost fluoropolymers that are both difficult to work with as well as electronically resistive. In the proposed work, we will examine several promising electrode binder materials including those that are electronically conductive and have the proper physio-chemical properties. In the course of the work, both the function of the polymers as well as the electrode structures that can be produced will be examined in detail.