PITA FY2014 Projects

New Technologies for Medication Management

PI:Asim Smailagic, ICES

University:Carnegie Mellon University

Co-PI(s):Dan Siewiorek, HCII
Julie Downs, SDS
Kristin Hughes, School of Design

Industry Affiliate(s):Vincentian Collaborative System

Summary:Error free medication management is a growing concern. Currently only registered nurses can dispense medications to individuals in skilled nursing homes. The challenge is to develop technology that could be used by personnel with minimal training with error rates less than current practice. Working with Vincentian Collaborative System (deployment site) and STAR Simulation facility (training site), we will develop a mobile application that verifies the individual taking the medication and verifies the correct medication has been dispensed. The system will be personalized to accommodate modifications to the medication regime, issue warnings, and provide reminders. The goal is to create a functional prototype that can be evaluated at Vincentian Collaborative System. Subsequently, the intent is to implement a test in one or two communities at Vincentian System with four communities as a control group. We will use Professor Smailagic’s experience in context aware computing, intelligent systems in healthcare and positive patient identification compliance, as well as related experience of Co-PIs to meet these goals.