PITA FY2014 Projects

Distributed Energy Management for Microgrid Operation

PI:Gabriela Hug, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy

University:Carnegie Mellon University

Co-PI(s):Soummya Kar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industry Affiliate(s):Rockwell Automation

Summary:Distributed energy resources and demand side management are expected to become more prevalent in the future electric power system. Coordinating the increased number of grid participants in an efficient and reliable way is going to be a major challenge. A potential solution is the employment of a distributed energy management approach which uses intelligence distributed over the grid to balance supply and demand. In this project, we specifically consider the situation in which distributed resources and loads form microgrids within the bulk power system in which load is supplied by local generation. These microgrids may are may not be connected to the bulk power system or to each other at any given time. In the past year, we have made progress in developing a distributed energy management approach, based on the so-called consensus + innovations method, which achieves efficient scheduling of local generation, flexible loads and storage devices within the microgrid. The distributed approach solves a predictive energy management problem to optimally use the available storage capabilities and demand flexibilities over future time horizons with a resolution of 5 minutes. The objective of this project is to extend and complement the existing scheduling algorithm with a real-time dynamic load tracking and balancing algorithm (to be embedded into the consensus + innovation framework) with a view to achieving any-time demand-supply balance in the face of fast generation-load fluctuations and taking into account the economic objectives of the grid entities.