PITA FY2014 Projects

Industrially Relevant, Nanoscale Materials Derived From Cyclic Azasilanes

PI:Nicholas Strandwitz, Materials Science and Engineering

University:Lehigh University

Co-PI(s):Gregory Ferguson, Chemistry

Industry Affiliate(s):Gelest

Summary:Developments in nanotechnology are limited by the chemistry and techniques used to create new materials and devices. We seek to develop industrially useful chemistry based on a specific class of promising chemicals from Gelest, Inc. for use in nanomaterials and devices. The class of molecules under investigation, cyclic azasilanes, represents an alternative to traditional coupling agents for modifying surfaces and building thin films with molecular precision. Cyclic azasilanes can be made with a diverse set of secondary functionalities (compositional control) for targeted applications. Specifically, we seek to understand the conditions necessary for the growth of thin films, the molecular layer deposition of thin films, and the resulting usefulness of these films for key applications in nanotechnology. Such materials are potentially attractive because they can be produced with precise, subnanometer thickness control, and an enormous compositional diversity. The proposed studies will provide insight directly related to the utility of these materials in nano- and microfabrication of devices, and thereby present opportunities both scientifically and economically.