PITA FY2014 Projects

Development Of Liquid Silicon Rubber Dampers For Vibration Control Of Civil Engineering Structures

PI:James Ricles, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University:Lehigh University
Gannon University

Co-PI(s):Richard Sause, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Industry Affiliate(s):Corry Rubber Corporation

Summary:Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) is a viable alternative to viscoelastic and other materials that are typically used to construct dampers. Silicon by its very nature is less sensitive to temperature, frequency, and strain compared to butyl, a compound used to construct conventional elastomeric dampers. LSR processes like a thermoplastic, with a significantly reduced cure time and cost. Manufacturing methods lend themselves to on-site fabrication of dampers, which would greatly simplify the design and construction process and expand design capabilities. The proposed project will develop the use of LSR to construct dampers to reduce structural vibrations in building systems under wind and earthquake loads. This is to be accomplished by conducting LSR material characterization and design studies followed by experimental validation studies of dampers constructed using LSR material.

The project builds upon results from prior studies on elastomeric dampers, where prior generations of dampers were constructed and mechanical properties of the dampers were obtained. These studies helped to establish real-time hybrid simulation methods for structural systems with passive dampers, which led to preliminary assessment of these dampers for structural vibration control under seismic loading. The LSR dampers are a newer version of a second-generation damper that was developed by Lehigh University, Penn State Behrend and Corry Rubber, Inc. (headquartered in Corry, PA) in a previous PITA sponsored study. The proposed study is a continued collaboration effort between these institutions and industry partner.