PITA FY2014 Projects

Gun-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

PI:Terry Hart, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

University:Lehigh University

Co-PI(s):Joachim Grenestedt, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Industry Affiliate(s):Keystone Automation, Inc.

Summary:Lehigh University is proposing to develop, in collaboration with Keystone Automation, a gun-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is intended to be produced by Keystone for the U.S. Army's Ammunitions Research and Development Engineering Center (ARDEC). This remote controlled vehicle is to be launched from a conventional 40-mm gun system and operated by Army personnel. It will contain a surveillance camera that will return an image of the surrounding terrain as it is controlled by the operator. The vehicle will also contain guidance, navigation, and control equipment, as well as imaging sensors, that will support future developments requiring formation flying, object recognition, and coordinated maneuvers.