PITA FY2014 Projects

Reliability, Maturity, And Readiness Of Complex Systems

PI:Dan Frangopol, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University:Lehigh University


Industry Affiliate(s):Lockheed Martin

Summary:The objective of this research project is to investigate the application of reliability concepts to structural and non-structural complex systems. The application of reliability concepts in defining system readiness and maturity will also be investigated. Applications include, but not limited to, civil, marine, aerospace, and defense systems. The use of reliability concepts enables the rational treatment of various aleatory and epistemic uncertainties associated with such complex systems. Additionally, it provides the sufficient understanding of the interaction of each component into the system performance, and allows the efficient management of such systems.

The outcomes of this project will be applied to the management of critical infrastructure systems and will provide direct economic and social benefits to the Nation's infrastructure. Pennsylvania-based companies such as Lockheed Martin, Mission and Training, will benefit from this project by using a reliability-based model that allows the efficient management of complex systems and maintain the sufficient life-cycle reliability and functionality levels of such systems.