PITA FY2014 Projects

Feasability Study For Development Of An Advanced Wastewater Treatment Research Center At The City Of Easton Wastewater Treatment Plant

PI:Derick Brown, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University:Lafayette College
DeSales University


Industry Affiliate(s):

Summary:The goal of this project is to perform a feasibility study for the design, installation and operation of an advanced wastewater treatment test facility for research and technology development at the City of Easton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. This is a collaborative project between Lehigh University, Lafayette College, DeSales University and the Easton Area Joint Sewer Authority (EAJSA) and will involve Pennsylvania wastewater technology companies and Pennsylvania students. This approach combines the theoretical knowledge of faculty and students with the practical hands-on experience of industry.

Our vision is that the facility will be a significant resource for research and technology development by academia, industry and manufacturers, and service utilities and it will address a pressing need in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and in the U.S., for the development of new wastewater treatment technologies and improvement of current technologies. It will also attract students to local colleges and universities and will enhance the training of Pennsylvania’s environmental engineers.

The approach for this initial feasibility study includes close collaboration between faculty, students, and industry with the main objectives to
    Examine current research and development trends in wastewater systems.
  • Identify potential users of the research center, including academic and industrial researchers.
  • Characterize types of projects that could be conducted at the Easton plant and identify what types of facilities and support services would be necessary to conduct those projects.
  • Develop a preliminary design and operating plan for the facility.
  • Identify funding mechanisms available to develop the facilities.