PITA FY2014 Projects

Filtering Packet Delay Variations In Wireless Backhaul Networks For Precise Time Distribution

PI:Rick Blum, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University:Lehigh University

Co-PI(s):Shalinee Kishore, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industry Affiliate(s):LSI

Summary:Wireless backhaul networks have recently seen a shift towards packet switching, wherein data is transmitted and routed independently in segments known as packets. This change has been necessitated by the growing demand on backhaul networks to support increased data rates. However, in packet switched networks, packets take random amounts of time to travel between their source and destination, a problem referred to as packet delay variation (PDV). PDV is undesirable since it hampers accurate time synchronization over backhaul networks. While several techniques to combat PDV in the context of synchronization have been developed, they often fail to perform effectively under stressful network conditions. The proposed research aims to extend work done under an ongoing PITA grant, where the nature of PDV was studied under many different network conditions, and new theoretical limits on the performance of techniques that combat PDV were obtained. The extension of this work will involve the development of new schemes that improve performance over existing schemes to combat PDV, while also being able to adapt to changing network conditions. The efficiency of the proposed schemes will be studied via simulations and their implementations will be optimized for ARM processors. The project is collaboration between the Lehigh team and the System Architecture Group at the LSI facilities in Allentown, PA. LSI is an electronics company that develops network technology.