PITA FY2014 Projects

Elementary Education: Moving 4th Into Engineering & National Engineers Week

PI:Alicia Angemeer, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

University:Carnegie Mellon University

Co-PI(s):Gary Fedder, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Annette Jacobson, Chemical Engineering
Susan Finger, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lynn Berard, University/Science Libraries
Rhonda Moyer, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

Industry Affiliate(s):

Summary:ICES’s educational outreach programs share the university’s resources with the local community, integrating Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, and staff with students from the City of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. These programs – including Moving 4th Into Engineering, and ICES’s contribution to National Engineers Week – provide a breadth of opportunities for local children to gain hands-on experience and knowledge about education and careers in math, science, and engineering. Moving 4th Into Engineering is offered to City of Pittsburgh fourth-grade students, while ICES’s National Engineers Week activity is one of many offered to elementary and secondary students at the Carnegie Science Center.