PITA Fiscal Year 2009 Projects - Product and Process Design and Optimization

Inkjet Printing of Quantum Dots for Manufacturing White Light LEDs

Principal Investigators: Robert F. Davis, Lee Weiss

The goals of this collaborative program of research are (1) the development by Lee Weiss of an inkjet-based process, including inks and the preparation of the surfaces of the substrates, for printing periodic patterns of red and green light-emitting quantum dots (QDs) provided by Crystalplex, Inc. directly on the surface of blue light-emitting LED wafers fabricated by Robert Davis, and (2) to demonstrate this capability to produce chromatographically-correct white light LEDs for LCD display backlights and general lighting. These QD-based LEDs will be superior in chromaticity, color mixing and color rendering, to current phosphor-coated LEDs, and thus will accelerate QD-LEDs acceptance and entry into the market for solid-state lighting. This market has been conservatively estimated to be from $3.5 - $4.5 billion annually, providing a compelling business opportunity for semiconductor nanocrystal QD phosphors.