PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Biomedical and Health Engineering

Platelet rich plasma expansion and conditioning of stem cells for transplantation

Principal Investigators: Phil Campbell, Takeo Kanade, Lee Weiss

Developing stem cell therapies holds tremendous promise to meet the ever increasing demands to repair or replace due to dysfunctional tissues, disease, genetic or traumatic injury. However, current stem cell culture conditions are far from optimized for maximum stem cell expansion with maintenance of differentiation capacity, while maintaining maximum transplantability of cells to the patient. We propose to study the use of allogenic and autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) to replace commonly used xenogenic sourced blood materials. Allogenic PRP offers large batch processing for standardization of product for cell expansion while maintaining differentiation potential, and autologus PRP offers the potential to minimize immunogenicity of cultured stem cells for transplantation. We propose to utilize our group’s expertise in extended time-lapse phase-contrast video microscopy and computer vision technology to initiate optimization strategies to study and optimize the use of PRP for stem cell expansion. Second, we will initiate purging/replacement protocols to replace potential xenogenic or allogenic immunogenic molecule carryover with autologous non-immunogenic constituents in order to improve transplantation efficiency.