PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Courses and Outreach Programs

Attracting Ph.D. Students To The ATLSS Center In Pennsylvania

The project is attracting four first-year Ph.D. students to Lehigh by providing support for the first year of their Ph.D. studies. Existing funding is being supplemented to increase the number of positions available. In particular, two Gibson Fellowships and two stipend grants from Lehigh University will be augmented with tuition from PITA. The four Ph.D. students that we are attempting to attract are Amy Pavlakovich (from New Jersey), Nathan B. Chancellor (from Oklahoma), A.-L Wu (from Taiwan), and C.-C.Chou (from Taiwan). During their first year, these students will play a critical role in new research projects at the ATLSS Center. The projects will be initiated with PA companies and agencies, and will fall in the broad area of infrastructure. Working with PA companies and agencies creates a significant potential for the students to remain in PA after graduation.