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Start-up Company InVivoMon Partners with Rockland Immunochemicals

Article Posted On 12/14/2010

ICES-CMU start-up company InVivoMon has partnered recently with Rockland Immunochemcials, Inc. to develop Monoclonal Antibodies. These antibodies are required for integration into a bedside monitoring device that detects Procalcitonin (PTC), a biomarker marker for the diagnosis of bacterial infections and Sepsis. The goal of their collaboration is to create ways to detect hospital acquired infection early, so that treatment can begin rapidly.

Founded by ICES Research Scientist Alan Rosenbloom and George Subrebost, InVivoMon was established recently as a start-up biomedical engineering company to develop medical devices that can monitor patients' molecular events in real time.

In 2007, Rosenbloom received Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) seed funding to develop tools that would allow for the continuous monitoring of the bloodstream in order to measure blood glucose and chemotherapy drugs. Funding allowed him to test his ideas, build prototypes, collect preliminary data, and apply for follow-up grants.

Subsequent funding from National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research grants allowed Rosenbloom and Subrebost to establish and equip InVivoMon and hire two engineers and consultants to help develop their prototypes.