PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Information and Systems Technology

Network Management For Heterogeneous Networks

Networks are continually becoming larger and more heterogeneous. Being able to properly manage a network, particularly in a large manufacturing company, is a demanding and persistent task. Network management systems enable network managers to properly manage and administrate networks. Large networks and heterogeneous networks make this task more difficult. Future enterprise networks, including ad hoc tiers of different devices such as sensors, handheld, and laptops, would compound this task. We propose to enhance the network management of a large manufacturing company to optimize the administration of the network. We will develop a strategy to allow network management of a heterogeneous network, consisting of a wired network and one or more wireless ad hoc networks. Future work will also involve the development of a next generation network management system. It will include multiple tiers, with a tier of mobile laptops or handhelds and another tier of wireless sensors, which will be used in future enterprise networks. This next generation system will be based on ontology, allowing devices on all tiers to reason with each other and providing a coherent network management system. Thus the proposed work will improve network management at a manufacturing company and allow easier integration of additional network components and ad hoc networks.