PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Courses and Outreach Programs

2008 Summer Undergraduate Internship At Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

We plan to leverage the requested funding with equal funds from the PA Space Grant Consortium to support a total of 2 undergraduate engineering/science interns at NASA GSFC for 10 weeks starting in late May 2008. The interns will be supervised by NASA mentors, and will work within GSFC or nearby on projects that are connected to specific missions, or to development efforts that have broader importance to NASA. The students are part of a larger population of interns, and will be able to interact and learn from a diverse group. The internships will involve a significant amount of laboratory time, and in some cases design work. If there are appropriate projects underway at Lehigh with NASA, as there were in 2007, those topics will be given priority for student and mentor assignment. Through this funding, selected students are also provided with lodging near GSFC and a per diem. Students have already submitted applications and will undergo a selection process for the funded slots.