PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Innovative Infrastructure System
   Assessment Technology

Structural Performance Assessment Based On Monitoring: Phase 2 - Implementation Study

During the past decade, monitoring concepts for structural systems have been subjected to a rapid development process. They become more and more important in the intervention planning (e.g., maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, replacement) on new and existing structures. Nevertheless, there is still a strong need for the efficient use of structural monitoring data in the structural assessment and performance prediction modes. Updating prediction models, based on monitoring data, affect the intervention strategies. Since these strategies involve costs, monitoring systems assist the efficient spending of available budgets. Therefore, the demand for the efficient use of monitoring data is not only related to structural performance but also to cost aspects.

The feasibility of using monitoring data in structural performance assessment was demonstrated in Phase 1.

The main objective of the proposed Phase 2 is to demonstrate how monitoring data can be used in structural performance assessment. The second phase of the project will consist in demonstrating the imlementation of the approach by using existing monitoring results of an existing structure.