PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects

Product and Process Design and Optimization

Developing Evaporative Micro-channel Networks for the Cooling of Electronics
Micro-channels with evaporating fluids have been proven as one of the most effective methods in cooling of electronic board or chips. However, at the region boiling occurs the expanding vapor induces severe pressure drops that the flow distributions among channels with different extent of boiling become highly different and induces local dryout and high temperature spots.

Fluid flow and heat transfer of micro channels networks with different widths and flow quality will be formulated in computational modeling. Experimental verification will be performed. Then, Reversed Engineering design will be applied to the micro-channel network to search for the optimal design automatically. The resulting micro-channel system will have a uniform temperature distribution and lowest thermal resistance. This design will be demonstrated on the cooling of an array of power transistors made by Spectrum Devices Corp.