PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Information and Systems Technology

Indiscriminate Geo-Events Using Symptomatic Heterogeneous Data From Distributed Sensor Networks

The main goal of the proposed project is to transform heterogeneous signals from distributed sensor networks in the subsurface to useful knowledge for cognition of indiscriminate events in the realm of geo-science and geo-engineering. Current technologies give us the means to detect and measure geo-events using strategically placed sensing and monitoring devices. This works reasonably well if we have a plausible location where the event would occur, hence settle to record vast amount of benign data over time to be able to track the suspected event. Yet, this approach remains limited when considering large spatial scales in geo-media. Hence the paradigm shift in sensing geo-events is needed. A simple approach is to suppress all the benign data by triggered transmittal of the signals only at the spatial and temporal vicinity of the event. This approach requires the use of “truly distributed” sensing capable of delivering the event signal “wherever” and “whenever” it might occur, as opposed to only at those strategic places where the sensing devices are pre-located. The revolutionary advances in flexible sensing and distributed data processing permits us sensing in truly distributed manner. The accumulated knowledge would than enable us to understand the evolution of symptomatic signs of an indiscriminant event in heterogeneous geo-media as the first step for an integrated and calibrated computational model of the geo-event.