PITA Fiscal Year 2010 Projects - Environmental Technologies

Hybrid Ion Exchange-Membrane Process For The Treatment Of Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater From The Marcellus Shale Project In Pennsylvania

Principal Investigators: Arup K. SenGupta, Co-PI’s: Derick Brown, Sudipta Sarkar

Very recently a huge underground natural gas storage has been identified in the western part of Pennsylvania. The gas drilling has already started and it is known as Marcellus Shale project. However, gas drilling is accompanied by simultaneous production of salt water requiring ecologically safe discharge. One Pennsylvania company, Advanced Geoservices, is interested in applying Lehigh's desalination technology (US patent with international coverage pending) to mitigate salt water discharge. The PA company has already initiated "proof of concept" investigation of the Lehigh technology with its civil and environmental engineering department. If successful, the technology will create new jobs and increase the revenue of the PA company. The technology has the potential to be exported to other countries.