PITA Fiscal Year 2009 Projects - Environmental Technologies

Outfitting of Mobile Laboratory for Air-Quality Measurements Supporting Health Effects Studies

Principal Investigators: Neil M. Donahue, Allen L. Robinson, Albert A Presto, Heber Chacon, Aaron Reeder, Marissa Miracolo, Ngoc Nguyen

A mobile laboratory for the purposes of air-quality monitoring associated with public health studies will be outfitted and prepared for field deployment. The body of this laboratory has been purchased with funds made available by Carnegie Mellon University, while a substantial package of instrumentation is being purchased with funds from the COLCOM foundation. This laboratory will enable world-class air-quality researchers in the Carnegie Mellon Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies to collaborate with colleagues in epidemiology and public health to gauge the severity and extent of air-pollution problems in Pennsylvania, and, most importantly, to observe improvements in air quality and public health associated with remediation efforts by industry.