PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Information and Systems Technology

Broadband Quantum-Dash Diode Laser For Communication And Sensor Applications

Ultra-broad and continuous spectrum generation is an interesting physical phenomenon and an attractive technology for many applications. The successful development of a viable technology to generate continuous lasing spectrum crossing multiple communication bands in near-infrared will bring significant advances and impact to optics fiber communications, imaging, metrology, spectroscopy and sensing. In this project, our objective is to develop a new class of diode laser that will produce ultra-broad stimulated emission at high quantum efficiency and wall-plug efficiency that inherits from the interband transition operation of quantum confined heterostructure at near-infrared region. We aim to achieve this objective by fabricating the diode laser in highly inhomogeneous semiconductor quantum-dash medium with the ground state and the excited states properly engineered to give small energy spacing and simultaneous emission at room temperature. This compact, cost effective and high efficiency broadband diode laser will unfold many new ideas across inter-disciplinary fields.