PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Innovative Infrastructure System
   Assessment Technology

Improved Corrosion Resistant Steel for Highway Bridge Construction

ATLSS developed a new steel for bridges indentified as HPS-100W that has significantly better toughness and weldability than the standard 100-ksi yield-strength A514 steels. It also has excellent corrosion resistance in normal ambient usage, but is susceptible to corrosion and reduced life-cycle time when used in bridges that are subject to salt solutions associated with snow removal. The FHWA is sponsoring a program to develop a highway bridge steel that has the good toughness and weldability of the HPS steels and that has significantly better resistance to corrosive attack by salt solutions (calcium chloride). ATLSS submitted a proposal under BAA No. DTFH61-R-00024 and has been selected to implement the proposal. The program to develop the improved corrosion-resistant steel is planned to be completed by ATLSS in two years.