PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects


Spectroscopic characterization of nanostructured chiral surfaces
Two combined spectroscopic techniques are being developed for characterization of the atomic structure of nanoscale defects on naturally chiral metal surfaces. Instrumentation has been built for measuring the 5p1/2 photoemission of Xe adsorbed on metallic surfaces and for measuring the desorption energies of Xe from defects on these surfaces. These methods can be used to spectroscopically characterize the areal density of atomic defects such as step edges and kinks. Such defect sites are important for catalytic surface reactions and separations applications. In the particular application of interest, these methods will be used to measure the density of chiral kink sites on the naturally chiral, high Miller index surfaces of Cu single crystals. Such naturally chiral surfaces can be used for enantioselective adsorption and separations of chiral compounds such as pharmaceuticals. The methods to be developed in the course of this work can also be applied to characterization of the composition of alloy surfaces for catalytic applications.