PITA Fiscal Year 2007 Projects

Innovative Infrastructure System Assessment Technology

Coordination of Campus Sensing and Diagnostic Platforms for Long-term Sensor Andrew Project
Our vision of sensing on campus is “One Thousand Spaces on Campus Sensed for Temperature, Light, Humidity, and Energy Use”. The future development of sensor networks, facilities management systems, and building performance metrics will depend on collecting easily accessible baseline data to represent historic operating conditions, to detect trends and to predict the value of various energy efficiency investments. By sensing these 4 easily accessible (and cheap) parameters pervasively across campus, we will be able to make significant progress in:

  • Understanding current building operation
  • Discovering knowledge from existing conditions
  • Managing sensors and sensor networks, and
  • Developing tools for diagnosis

In order to achieve this longer-term vision, we first need to understand all available sensing and data diagnosis platforms available on campus. In this project, we propose to work with the End-to-End Diagnostics Discovery (EDDY) middleware project developed by Computing Services staff. We also will build a hybrid testbed of sensing devices for the 4 parameters above and determine the bandwidth, data management, and knowledge discovery issues that need to be addressed in the long term.