PITA Fiscal Year 2008 Projects - Product and Process Design and Optimization

Blue Belt Project - Development And Testing Of The Thor Power Corporation Motor System: Part Ii- Manufacturing Of The Prototype Motor And Phase Iii Generation Of The Motor Controller, Functionality And Durability Testing

Blue Belt is an international strategic alliance between Lehigh University (test program designer and tester), Youngtron (electronics manufacturer), The Technology Partnership in Royston (Cambridge) England (electronics designer), Electron Energy Corporation (motor designer & assembler) and Thor Power™ Corporation of Bethlehem (conceiver and marketer) to perfect the technology and create jobs in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA). Thor Power™ has received three rounds of funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, NEP to develop the TREZIUM® electronic drive and the GRISMIR® BLDC motor.

The Thor Power™ Corporations’ first direct current (DC) motor system is an angle grinder known as GRISMIR® 3000 and its electronic drive known as TREZIUM®. With efficiencies of 90 percent for each device, the system is providing more than twice the power at half the weight of existing AC induction electric motors. GRISMIR® 3000 grinder and TREZIUM® electronic drive will be tested at Lehigh University to determine time-to-failure, provide product reliability information, and identify potential design improvements.