PITA Fiscal Year 2013 Projects

On Demand Nano Magnetic Particles For Biological Applications

Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Dmitri Vezenov, Dept. of Chemistry
PA Industry: BioSample Solutions LLC

The field of genetic diagnotics for health care continues to grow rapidly for the last ten years. From drug discovery to personal genetic information, the demand for DNA information is growing unabated. Accordingly, the sample extraction market is expanding quickly, especailly in the sequencing applications. The wonderful goal of $1000 personnal sequencing is becoming a reality.

Biosample is developing DNA/RNA extraction technology to penentrate the current DNA extraction market with it's BioCookie technology. Due to the complexitiy of the sequencing technology, multiple cleanup steps are required, where often magnetic bead technology is the prefered choice. The current market** is 90% own by Beckman that purchased the bead fabrication from Oslo. Currently, there is no US magnetic bead producer suppling the production quality magnetic bead for squencing or DNA/RNA applciaitons. In addition, there is no supplier that would produce custom magentic bead without large commitment or production. Biosample see the opporunity to offer custom magnetic beads for prototying and develop it for front end sample preparation process with a flexble manufacturing method.

The process developed by Dr. Dmitri Vezenov (Dept of Chem, Lehigh ) has the flexibility and scalability of magnetic bead fabrication for prototyping. Dr.Vezenov expertise in controlled synthesis and assembly of materials at meso-scale enable this new method of magnetic bead process.

The project of "On Demand Nano Magnetic Particles For Biological Application" would generate a new class of magnetic bead applications in the Lehigh Valley. This niche high-tech nanoscale material should bring high-value jobs to the Lehigh Valley area.

Biosample and Dr.Vezenov (Lehigh) would joinly develop the techonology (IP) and the market place. In the 12 months of Phase I, we prototype the process of fabrication of magnetic beads having different sizes for specific applications. The synthesis process would be carried out at Lehigh and the testing of the beads with biological application, such as real-time PCR ,would be done at the BioSample Ben Franklin facility.