PITA Fiscal Year 2013 Projects

Smart Spaces for Commercial Environments

Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Asim Smailagic ICES
Co-PI: Anthony Rowe, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Dan Siewiorek, HCII
PA Industry: Robert Bosch LLC

There are many new adaptive technologies for residential spaces, such as the NEST learning thermostat. However, commercial environments today rarely adapt to occupants. This project will create a prototype of a personalized, reactive smart space, to be tested and deployed at the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Shared spaces require a different approach than spaces owned by a specific user (such as a home). Shared spaces must track what users are interacting with, offer a seamless user interaction despite multiple back-end systems, and allow users to cooperatively control the environment. We will use Professor Rowe’s new indoor localization system [1], [2] and Professor Smailagic’s experience in context-aware computing and computer vision to meet these goals [3], [4], [5].. Robert Bosch LLC will provide the infrastructure (mobile sensors, building sensors and cameras, computing resources) for building this smart space.

Graduate students will build a prototype in the spring of 2013. Many Pennsylvania organizations could benefit from smart spaces, such as museums, facilities management organizations, universities, factories, and other industrial plants.