PITA Fiscal Year 2013 Projects

Sensor Light: An Intelligent Lighting Platform

Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Anthony Rowe, Electrical and Computer Engineering
PA Industry: OSRAM Sylvania

The goal of this project will be to collaborate with OSRAM SYLVANIA on the development of a next generation Solid State Lighting (SSL) solution that contains wireless communication and environmental sensors. Lighting fixtures are pervasive, have ample access to power and are frequently ideally positioned for sensing in commercial environments. We propose the design and deployment of a unique SSL Luminaire with communication and environmental sensors in an easy‐to‐deploy solution. The wireless interface will allow remote management of each luminaire in a manner that can be easily integrated with a building energy management system. Environmental sensors including ambient light, audio, PIR motion, temperature and barometric pressure can be housed within each luminaire will significantly increase the sensing fidelity of commercial spaces. We believe that by analyzing correlations between these sensor feeds and occupants in the space, such a system can be used to improve existing occupancy estimators as well as learn typical lighting usage patterns in an unsupervised manner. One of the main goals in this project will be to develop algorithms that learn and adapt to typical occupant behaviors in order to automatically configure lighting scenes to improve comfort and reduce energy.