PITA Fiscal Year 2011 Projects

Experimental Assessment of the Performance of a Second Generation Elastomeric Damper under Seismic Loading Conditions

Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: James Ricles, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
PA Industry: Corry Rubber Corporation

The proposed study will experimentally validate the performance of an elastomeric damper under seismic loading conditions. The damper is a second-generation damper that was developed by Lehigh University, Penn State Eire and Corry Rubber, Inc (headquartered in Corry, PA) in a previous PITA sponsored study. In the proposed study the new damper will be subjected to several tests to obtain experimental data that will enable its characteristics and performance under seismic loading conditions to be assessed. The data is critical towards validating the performance of the damper, any improvements needed in the damper design and its manufacturing procedure, and the eventual integration of the dampers into a performance-based design procedure for buildings subject to earthquake loading conditions.

The project builds upon results from prior studies on elastomeric dampers, where a first-generation damper was constructed and mechanical properties for the damper were obtained. These studies helped to establish real-time hybrid simulation methods for structural systems with passive dampers, which led to preliminary assessment of the first-generation dampers for vibration control under seismic loading.